Based on the totally unfounded tale of her great-great-grandmother; 'magnetic' (The Telegraph) Polly Waldron serves up this rags to radicals tale.

Buckets of horse sh*t, aristocrats on the run, and irresistible urges overflow into the London of 1913. Coming to Edinburgh Fringe 2019.

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Over the cobbles of a rich capital – a London alight with the promise of change – resourceful Alice lands herself a position with a family of self-proclaimed radicals.

Big bellies, glittering gatherings and perspiration ensue. But this emerging world is a tricky game to navigate and the new rules cannot be followed by all without consequence.

Based on the totally unfounded tale of her great-great-grandmother, 'magnetic' (Telegraph) Polly Waldron serves up this rags-to-radicals tale that loosens the seams of 1913's London.

Shiver will be having a work in progress performance at Bidborough Village Hall on Wednesday 17th July at 19:30. Book tickets now as this special preview is limited!

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Venue 39, theSpace on the Mile
12th - 24th August 2019 (Not 18th)
14:00,  Duration: 1 hour



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