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Cast Announcement - Tess

One of the first things we decided about Tess was that it would have an all female cast - leaving us the mammoth challenge of finding three women who could take on roles ranging from elderly vicars to dairy maids, aristocratic bird-obsessed widows to Tess herself - no mean feat for any accomplished actor, yet the women we’ve found are more than equipped to meet this challenge. We are therefore delighted to announce our cast: Colette McNulty, Polly Waldron and Emily Windham.

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On the Hunt for a Russian Prince!

The first story, the one we all knew to be true, was that my grandma was adopted from Poplar in 1940; beyond that were some guesses of why and how, which kept her from digging too much.

 Cut to 2009, when, age 70, my grandma was presented with a family tree and a phone number that would lead her into her sister’s kitchen for the first time.

Over a welcoming family feast, a mysterious tale unravelled…because the second story, the one they all knew to be true, was that their mother was adopted from Marylebone in 1917.

Now comes story number three; a mouth-watering tale that took us from a kitchen in London and dropped us straight into the ballrooms of Imperial Russia!

Time for a game of ‘Who’s y’r (great-great-grand-)father?’!

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